The Plug In Wall

June 24, 2009

plug in wall.jpg
This image comes from my latest blog discovery, Ironic Sans. The headder for the blog is the words Ironic Sans in a hand drawn font. The font is serif. Hence, I suppose, the irony. I find it delightful. About as funny as the content, of which the outlet wall is only one example.
Most of the posts concern cool or crackpot ideas (depending on your perspective) along with the photoshopped up images to accompany them. I think my favorite is the ant farm desk – a glass top desk that has a living ant farm in it. According to the author of Ironic Sans, he couldn’t sell any of his friends on the concept but when he posted it, lots of people got interested. That’s my favorite thing about the blog really … the other people excited. If you follow the comments for any individual post, they show an entire discussion process of people hammering out the details on how you could a make this work. For the plug in wall, what would you mount all those outlets to? Where do the studs go? How do you baby proof this baby? A plug in chair rail was suggested. This is my kind of weird!


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