I Live in the Best Place! *

June 11, 2009

* According to US News and World Report
la crosse.jpg
Who knew I was living in one of the 10 best cities in the country. And without even trying too – its pretty impressive. According to the most recent US News and World Report, out on monday, La Crosse is one of the 10 Best Places to live in 2009. Based on their description it actually doesn’t sound all that great and I can’t believe really that it’s even the best city of 50,000 people in America let alone one of the 10 best places altogether but … I can agree that its nice. There’s probably a fairly large margin of throwing a dart at the map in these things. Also they are calculating economic factors and we aren’t suffering much from the housing crash. We also have two large and excellent hospitals and two four year colleges as well as a pretty good tech school. And it is gorgeous here in all seasons. OK, well I’m convince its very nice here – just not maybe that its nicer than everywhere but 9 other places in America. How about Madison, for instance? Here’s how they said they were choosing: “In selecting our Best Places to Live for 2009, U.S. News took a thrift-conscious approach: We looked for affordable communities that have strong economies and plenty of fun things to do. The cities we selected are as distinct as America itself—ranging from a quaint suburb to a live-music mecca. But whether you prefer hiking through the Rocky Mountains, pulling a fish out of the Atlantic Ocean, or grilling hot dogs at a college football tailgate, here are 10 places that will fill up your daybook without emptying your wallet.”
Here’s what their article says if you ‘re interested and would rather follow this link than the one above …

“La Crosse, Wisconsin
With a population of about 50,000, La Crosse, Wis., is a great staging ground for exploring the natural wonders of the upper Mississippi River area. Although winters can be bitterly cold, friendly Midwesterners and the nearby ski slopes will keep your spirits high. The spring opens an active outdoor culture of camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing that brings more than a million visitors to the area each year. Explore the mighty Mississippi on a riverboat tour, or try your luck with the northern pike in Lake Onalaska. “Great people, fun town,” says Dave Lueck, a 36-year-old graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. “It’s not too big, not too small.” And with a 2008 median home sale price of $113,000, it’s also an affordable destination.”


2 Responses to “I Live in the Best Place! *”

  1. Doug Says:

    Might be a tufted titmouse. Is it pretty small with some rust color on its flanks and a longish tail?

  2. Malea Says:

    Yeah- so I just looked at this article as I’m currently doing the job hunt thing and finding new cities of interest is always a good thing. Sorry, La Crosse will not be added to my list due to the ‘bitterly cold.’ Yet I digress. The real point of this comment, is when I looked at Auburn, AL. You know it is warm there – that is a good thing.
    Crime Rate = high
    Cost of Living = average
    Health Care = limited
    Housing Price = high
    Income = low
    Now. I’m fairly positive there are cities out there that reverse at least 2 or 3 of those 4 negative ratings. Really? So how is this one of the best places to live? Because they tailgate? They certainly didn’t base this on $$ because median income is around $22,000 yet a house goes for $750,000. Hmmm. . . very weird. That’s all I’m going to say.
    ps. I like your new banner!

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