Spot the Bunny

June 10, 2009

spot the bunny.jpg
I’ve been noticing a lot of wildlife lately. The creepily tame rabbits that stare blankly at you from the lawns in town don’t count. But this little wild bunny that was hiding in the weeds outside my office window certainly does. He has designs on the farm garden veggies I’m sure. And this morning on my run I passed by a pretty huge tortoise fellow – dark mud brown and perfectly motionless, although his path through the undergrowth was pretty apparent. He seemed baffled by the asphalt running trail which was so rudely interrupting his marshy terrain. That guy seemed to be a big old grandaddy turtle, more than a foot long in just his shell. But two days ago I came across his much smaller cousin. That tiny little fellow was parked in the middle of the running path again, apparently struck into stone. I thought of him as a baby but perhaps he was just a small kind. In any case I circled back and used a leaf to scoop him up and set him down off the path facing in the same direction. It felt a little presumptuous but a bike tire would have squashed him. Hopefully he’ll pardon the indignity.
And then there are these little buggers that hang out by the Membership and Donation Office (or loo) at work. I have no idea what they are but if I had to guess and attach a bird name I’ve heard to these little guys I’d call them Thrashers, because of the the noisy way they thrash about. They also flit about like hummingbirds, popping back and forth between several locations on about a twenty second cycle. This guy on the tree was there for three or so seconds at a time maybe 20 times during the period I was snapping him. I didn’t bother to try to follow him with the camera, just trained the lens on his branch and snapped every time he popped into view. I got a lot of blurry shots. But in the end I also got this. There seemed to be two of them going round and round but it didn’t necessarily seem like they were antagonizing each other, more just hanging out. And a third was on a nearby branch dangling a worm. Threesome anyone? Well if anybody knows what this bird is called, I’d love to be told. He seems to also be able to raise his crest up into more of a mohawk deal. I may try photographing him again.
spot the bunny 2.jpg
As for Waldo here outside my office, I don’t anticipate doing any thing for that guy but yelling if I see him amongst the carrots.


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