When You Care Enough To Hit Send

June 8, 2009

ecard 1.jpg
Up to now I had yet to meet an e-card I didn’t hate. But I have to admit that Roshni just sent me a great one. I followed it back to its home website and found that all their cards are both funny and well designed. Impressive. I love websites with good graphic design and a self depricating humor. My title here is their tag line “when you care enough to hit send.”
This particular one struck me as funny, especially in light of the rather depressing book I was reading last week, Midlife Crisis at 30, all about how today’s generation of successful, college educated women is psychologically crashing and burning at thirty because they think they are supposed to have it all figured out (career, happy marriage and happier babies) on that birthday and so they try to. It was interesting but pretty grim. Especially as most of the panic feelings the authors (both driven young women in their early thirties) all sounded so very familiar. So I guess the only question is … can I get all my ducks in a row in three short years … or should I just start my midlife crisis early?
Here’s a further sampling. They are worth glancing over, certainly.

ecard 4.jpg
ecard 5.jpg
ecard 6.jpg
These last two are from the “ecard museum:”
originally sent circa 1921
ecard 3.jpg
originally sent circa 3 billion years ago
ecard 2.jpg


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