Round-timber Round house

June 2, 2009

round timber round house 1.jpg
I came across this project a long time ago and can’t imagine why I didn’t post it here at the time. In any case this is a delightfully back-to-nature neo-hippy natural building. It was built in England (where building codes clearly work somewhat differently) and reminds me very strongly of the wonderful alternative community in Withiel, Cornwall that I visited in 2002 when I traveled around the world. There was a thriving culture of crafting and creating in Withiel and this seems perfectly in line with their desire to get off the grid and back to some basic ideas about what is important and beautiful. This is something I really struggle with – I am a member of the iPod generation without a doubt but I sometimes still feel like I also have a foot in both worlds. How can I describe this other world? Well not too put it too delicately, it is living off the grid with less than conventional sanitation systems and placing a much higher premium on friendship and being in the natural world. I can see them both from where I sit right now – at my laptop but overlooking the outhouse which is our corporate bathroom (forward thinkingly unisex) here at Whole Trees.

Anyway, this is mostly all by way of saying you should go to these links and check out the info for yourself if you’re interested. I wouldn’t do anything but add misinformation by paraphrasing too much. But here is some more eye candy. You can’t paraphrase that. Read about it on the green building elements blog here or on its own website here.
round timber round house 2.jpg
round timber round house 4.jpg


One Response to “Round-timber Round house”

  1. Denise Thornton Says:

    We are what we eat, perhaps even more we are where we live. what must it do to one’s mindset to live in such a exquisitely natural dwelling.

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