Tom Fisher Sighting

May 28, 2009

tom fisher sighting.jpg
I was listening to MPR streaming on my laptop while at work – a serendipitous happening on several levels. On my commute I heard a plug for piece on new digital media and how it will affect our relationship to older forms on Midmorning at 10:00 and made a point to plug in my earphones in time. Then about halfway through the segment the host announced that the guest expert after the break would be Tom Fisher of the UMN College of Design. YAY. Just hearing his voice threw me back four and a half years to that first intro theory course in the MAarch program and how fun it was go get a little dose of Fisher philosophy first thing every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Always one for the apt quote, Tom pulled out Harry Reese: “every new technology turns the old technology into an art form.” He also proposed (how much do I love this right now?) that our new electronics might allow us to move back to a more hunter gatherer mentality – permit us to carry everything we really need with us as we wander from place to place. One of the callers described himself as a proto-nomad (read business traveler) and the term really appeals to me even though the idea of an existence so completely rootless is alarming to my homebody soul. I guess the bottom line for me is that I’m not going to be divesting myself of my books any time soon. The other bottom line is that Tom Fisher is a delight and I wish I had more connections with his insight in my life.


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