Build Green Now

May 26, 2009

build green now.jpg
Check out this great article about the importance of green building and why now is the perfect time to get into it posted on LamiDesign. Architect Gregory La Vardera makes some great points about the fact that the housing crisis could present a major silver lining in opening the way for green design to become more mainstream. During the bubble it was easy for most developers, contractors and lenders to scoff at the idea of spending extra money to build something differently or source more expensive materials. Now that the bottom has dropped out of the ticky tacky housing market, however, most of those people are struggling to keep their doors open and are therefore much more open minded about new ideas. I think we can all agree that the current housing model has some holes in it. Lets give some new ideas a chance shall we?
“I know everybody is worried about the future, security, their jobs. But this is a self fulfilling prophecy, and it can just as easily have a self fulfilling solution. If we build modern green homes in numbers it will help the recovery, and money flowing in home building spreads to all other corners of the economy. If you are passionate about these issues and want to see change, not just lip service, its time to stick your neck out. The more who do it, the less risk each of us will take.”


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