New Blog

May 21, 2009

I just wanted to take a sec to point anyone who reads this to my mother’s new blog, Digging in the Driftless. The topic is the 44 acres of land that my sister and I consider to be our parents’ third child. Mom and Dad have been shedding sweat, blood and the occational tear over it for the last five years in their continuing mission to seek out new work and new responsibilities for land stewardship. Now they are getting serious about building a house on it (designed AGAP or as green as possible by yours truly with a great deal of advice and oversight from Whole Trees). So the blog is to be the record of that building process as well as the countless land management tasks and trials they set for themselves out there.
Mom is having a bit of a rocky transition from her experience of print journalism to the more casual and of-the-moment blogosphere.* My sister helped her set up the site and get it customized with a photo at the top and a color scheme selected from options. Mom, however, is still not quite clear on how to actually post. I’m sure she’ll have it all figured out in no time – at least the main path through the woods but isn’t quite clear on the concept yet. Its been amusing to watch her diligently edit and rewrite her posts, to call refer to individual posts as blogs and to continually want to format the whole thing like a book with chapters and a lengthy introduction. However, she’s a gifted writer** with a topic that inspires her and I’d probably follow the blog even if I wasn’t related to her. So … yay for teaching new tricks to anybody, old or not and good luck to it.
*I kind of hate that word
**With nearly thirty years experience as a print journalist and a book under her belt you wouldn’t think she’d find a blog post all that intimidating.


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