Baby Chicks by Mail

May 20, 2009

baby chicks.jpg
I went to the post office yesterday morning to drop off Roshni’s birthday present. The group of people in front of me in the line caught my attention as being the quintessential old Wisconsin farming couple, both weather beaten and a little dumpy but with good nature writ large on their faces. They had along a four year old tow headed boy – grandson or perhaps great grandson. When he got tired and his grandpa picked him up I noticed that both their hands were covered with dried dirt showing they’d been out at work already that day, though it was 8:30 and the PO had just opened. The grandpa’s name was Buck, I kid you not. Just then the postman at the end of the counter asked if anyone was just picking up and they stepped out of line to go to him. Then I heard a wild peeping noise and looked over to see him handing them a small cardboard box with numerous holes punched in the top. It was filled with baby birds!
I knew you could mail order chicks from reading Animal Vegetable Miracle but … I never really expected to see any. Just another quirk of living in small town America right now. Boxes of baby birds at the PO.
I didn’t actually get to see the baby chicks inside (on account of I was late for work and running back to my car as fast as I could go) but this is what the internet tells me it would have looked like inside if I had stopped and talked to the proud new owners.


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