(Very New) Laptop Features

May 18, 2009

new laptop features.jpg
Not that this laptop actually comes with the internet but … I NOW HAVE THE INTERNET. I bit the bullet and got myself a Verison Wireless plan. Its actually cost comparable to either Charter or Comcast which I could have gotten in my apartment but doesn’t require me to also sign up for (and pay extra for) Cable TV and a landline phone. And if I need to move away within my term of service I can take this internet with me rather than having to cancel and pay a penalty. Actually I can take it with me before I move. Since its wireless the little device works everywhere my cell phone does. As evinced by the fact that the first time I successfully used it I was parked by the side of the road with my laptop balanced on the steering wheel (Kids do not try this at home … mostly because its awkward to type that way).
The road side I was parked by was the turn off of I-90 to Eyota, MN (about an hour drive from my apartment in La Crosse) and I was there for no other purpose than to use said internet on a Monday night after work. The reason for this silly trip off the beaten path is that while La Crosse is covered by Extended Network it is not actually inside Verison’s system. You can use your phone or internet device here but, as I should have remembered from getting KJ’s old phone last summer, you can’t activate it here. So I had to drive west along 90 until I entered the Verison Digital Netowrk and then I could sign on, activate the device and then turn around and drive back. Rather a ridiculous waste of fosile fuel and time but … it’s a one time deal and now as afore mentioned I HAVE THE INTERNET! In fact my home connection is how I will now post this blog. How exciting is that?


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