Damn you, Meth addicts

March 19, 2009

I’ve been progressing through the many phases of a fair to midling nasty head cold this last week. Yesterday was the worst day – completely phlegmy and congested. But overall its been a week of interupted nights spent propped up and rhaspy mouth breathing. Yuck. These things happen and it hasn’t slowed me down too much. However, to the extent that it has … I blame meth addicts. Last friday I walked over to the Walgreens near my house to pick up a box of kleenex and a few appropriate medications. I was puzzled however to note the large yellow label on the Nyquil its generic equivalent. And the same notice on the Sudafed box. This is baffling. How can you make sudafed without the pseudophedrine – that’s the active ingredient. And why would you? well that answer is easier – apparently you can grind up the old style of sudafed tablets and turn them into an ingredient in crystal meth or something similarly illicit and dangerous. So to prevent that they’ve made pseudophedrine a prescription only substance and deprived me of my cold medication. And as to the first question – how does sudafed work without the active ingredient for which it was named … it doesn’t. I don’t think its doing a darn thing for me.
So … Damn you, Meth addicts. How dare you deprive me of my night-time congestion relief? I curse you all to a really nasty pit of hell where you can never unclog your sinuses!
meth adicts.jpg
PS. My mother’s priceless reaction to this revelation: ‘Meth, why would anyone want a drug that isso dangerous and it doesn’t even elevate your spirit?” Why indeed.


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