New Toy

March 18, 2009

swirl 2.jpg
When I was home earlier this month I hit a favorite but out of the way yarn store near Madison. My mom and I both went crazy over a scarf made up of many little swirling hexagons. She liked the look and I was totally intrigued because I could not figure out how it was made. Usually I can see how most knitting is done these days and, though I may or may not trouble to try it, there isn’t much mystery. This was different. So mom ordered the pattern for the both of us and when KJ came up this weekend she brought it up, along with a ball of mom’s yarn. Its not really my choice of color but I (obviously) found the pattern quite fun.
swirl 1.jpg
They are actually fairly simple to construct, once you know the trick. They’re knit inwards in the round so you start with two double pointed needles and 60 stitches as you would for a sock or a glove, then you reduce till you get to the center. When you have one you pick up 10 stitches for the next one off of it and so forth till you get a long line of them. Then you go back and start again at the beginning and pick up 30 stitches off of three adjacent hexes to do the second row. I haven’t done a third row but I’m starting to run out of yarn now so I may just set it aside as is pretty soon. Since I don’t think its something I would wear. However I am eager to figure out how to incorporate this into other more inventive patterns. Its fun to knit.
swirl 3.jpg


One Response to “New Toy”

  1. Malea Says:

    Those are beautiful. Nice job!

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