March … in like a lion … and out and in and messing with my head

March 9, 2009

march 3.jpg
Seriously I like winter as much as the next person – well I’d guess more than the next person based on my own unscientifically conducted survey of silly soft people who shouldn’t be living in the upper* midwest if they aren’t prepared to hack it. But this is getting ridiculous. I think March is just jerking us around at this point. First its balmy and mud everywhere and then an ice storm. … And then the next day it melts. This is the result of the nasty ice storm I had to drive through to get home from Minneapolis this weekend. The result is very pretty but I was enjoying it a whole lot more in January when it seemed more appropriate. At this point its just making my life difficult. Make up your mind, March!
march 2.jpg
Here is a shot taken (at great risk) from the highway as I was driving home yesterday – actually what I wanted to feature here was not the shitty weather but these amazing ice waterfalls coming out of the limestone cliff which have been lasting through all of the inconsistent freeze thaw cycles (probably because they are tucked in under a north facing overhang. Pretty cool though, aren’t they?
* happy, Malea?


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