Fun with Grafting

March 5, 2009

So I’ve been working on this one for a long time. Mom found this roving at a summer farmers market, fell in love, took it home and started spinning. Then she handed it off to me with a request that I turn it into a fabulous and functional gift for her best friend Susan. First I took my sweet time coming up with a design for the stuff and then I got side tracked by a really appalling design mistake – trying to integrate some contrasting teal into the pattern in groovily wavering vertical bands. Around new years it got to the point that I hated it too much to go on. And then we entered the nagging phase in which mom asked about it every week or so and I put her off saying that I was much too busy. A week ago I made a decision and ripped out the groovy stripes – I had just enough of the navy to finish the whole pattern without any supplements. So I dug in and made great strides. I now have a finished body of the sweater – all assembled.
Granted there are a few loose ends to tie up. I’m grafting a garter stitch hem to the back to match the one I started with on the front because the whole pattern was knitted in one direction from front hem up over the shoulders and down to the back. I haven’t yet found a bind off perfect enough to be unnoticeable so I just cast on and started the back hem afresh – now I’m connecting the two pieces. Grafting is one of my favorite parts of knitting; its obsessive and precise but when you’re done you have perfectly joined two, once disparate, pieces of material. No seam, no bulge, not a ripple – a perfect melding of the two. I was working on this graft before work this morning and had to stop in order to have time to make my lunch and get out the door – quite a wrench. I’ll have it finished within 20 minutes of walking in the door tonight. Then I can choose my own adventure: try blocking the sweater or work on the edging for the front/neckline and sleeves. I’m so excited that this is back to being a satisfaction and not a frustration again.


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