Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal!

March 4, 2009

I borrowed the family copy of Firefly when I was home last weekend and started watching it again. I was immediately delighted by nearly every aspect. I’m so sorry that fox didn’t know what a good thing it had there. “Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal!” And especially the way they didn’t even let the full season run as it was meant to and come to a real conclusion. At least Studio 60 (why do I always love the shows that get canceled) had the chance to wrap up their plot arc and leave their fans on an up note. But the line is actually from the show in the pilot episode. The pilot of the good ship Serenity is alone at the helm and amuses himself by playing with model designers. As the t rex turns on the poor steg he cries out …
In my quick web search to find the above image I hit this interesting blog post analyzing Firefly through a Marxist lens. While the author is focusing on things other than my primary interests I did find the comparison between Star Trek, Star Wars and Firefly to be fascinating. I love sci fi and fiction for many reasons but mainly, I think, because they allow an author to pick and choose among the elements of real life, culture and society that we all live with and focus on specific issues. In the same way that a painted portrait can capture a deeper sense of a subject than a photo, I belief that alternate fiction cal bring greater clarity to real life than pure biography or fiction can sometimes manage.
Anyway, I’m so sad it got canned but I’m so glad that I am able to keep it on DVD. Why would you ever watch anything live anymore?
curse your sudden but inevitable.jpg


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