Oh Frabjous Weekend!

February 23, 2009

dance film fest.jpg
KJ was up from Madison this weekend and we indulged in a little regressive behavior. We hit the library for its most ridiculously high school dance movies and then watched them all. It was sort of akin to eating all your Halloween candy in one night. Some of it was good, some of it was really poor quality, all of it was fun and gave a major sugar rush and in the end we ruefully shook our heads and resolved not to watch so many movies in one weekend again for a while.
Which is not to say that all we did was sit around in front of the TV. We had a cooking marathon too producing matar paneer with chapati, from scratch blueberry pancakes, green onion green olive green pepper pizza, scones and pita bread sandwiches. It was quite the gourmand occasion. Also we hit the fabric store and got cloth and a pattern for a rough draft of the dress she wants me to make for her birthday. Here are the pattern pieces strewn all over the floor.
We actually made up the first dress nearly all the way (sans lining) before KJ got out the pictures which had initially inspired her wish for it again and we saw that it was not, as I had remembered, a princess seamed dress but a simple bias cut. Totally different pattern. Although one that I may be more easily able to freehand. So it was all for naught, except that I had fun doing it. And also, its a really cute dress pattern and the cloth isn’t bad so I might make it up for myself later. For the moment its all folded together and tucked away on my fabric shelf. (Which is threatening to overflow).
We also went for a really picture-skew walk in the woods after Friday nights snow storm which left us about 3 inches of new powder. I took the opportunity to go over all the ski trails because the hated skiers hadn’t gotten out in force yet and put tracks all over them so I didn’t have to feel bad about stepping on them. The woods were stunning – every branch outlined against the white hills in snow. Thus:


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