Favorite New Toy

February 19, 2009

This is my newest toy. For a person as irrationally pleased by accumulating data as I am, my nike+ is a fabulous boon. I am, naturally, too stubborn to get myself nike shoes (do I really want shoes with the teeth marks of little blind chinese children on them) so I’ll be making myself some sort of sewn apparatus for connecting the sensor to my shoe. In the mean time I’ve been having remarkable success with the plastic bag I used to tie it to my shoelaces the first time I tried it out. Since it worked the first time and I’ve been busy I haven’t bothered to replace it yet.
Its a bit of a ridiculous tech toy but on the other hand is pretty reasonably priced. They get you with the requirement of an ipod nano (I’m using my sister’s cast off) and the nike shoes (see above shortcut). And I get so much enjoyment out of it. I’m honestly not sure which is more satisfying, checking my mileage and speed at any given moment during a run or coming home and plugging in the data and then seeing it all laid out on the nike plus website with all the other runs.
Incidentally, the run I’ve hilighted here shows my 5K race time from last saturday. I’m pretty pleased with myself for having run the whole thing. I only decided to start running 10 weeks ago so this is a huge accomplishment for me. Be impressed, be very impressed.


One Response to “Favorite New Toy”

  1. mlj Says:

    That is VERY impressive! Nice work! Now you’re going to have to start training for a mini marathon. . .

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