Old News

February 18, 2009

chris malea hixon 3.jpg

Here are snaps of the weekend Chris and Malea came down to see me from the twin cities … um … three weekends ago, I think. We had a delightful time, and I dragged them out and all around hixon forest on two separate days. Fortunately for all involved it was fabulously warm and warm for the first time in months, which two facts conspired to keep Malea happy about all that outdoor time in Wisconsin. It was in fact the first day in January that it went above freezing and it was also the last day in Jaunary.
They were here over the 31st and 1st which meant that I misled them about the proper side of the street to alternate side park on and we both had cheerful little green parking tickets in the morning. Why can’t it just actually “alternate” rather than match the date? So much more confusing for me this way. Oh well. Ten dollars in parking fines and a little good natured ribbing from friends was a very small price to pay for having them finally visit me. I’m in hopes of getting them to come at least once more before Malea goes into ultimate craziness of finishing her second thesis. The odds are in my favor since I introduced her to my quilting store and she went just about as nuts for it as I have. We had to stop by there on the sunday because they (the store) were having their Super Bowl sale and had that amazing deal of 20 fat quarters for 30 dollars. Impossible to pass up.
Anyway, these pics are shamelessly cribbed from Malea’s blog. She was the camera woman for the weekend and has yet to send me the copies she promised (hint hint). As if she’s got so many other things to do right now! so I’m copying these off of her post about the weekend.
chris malea hixon 1.jpg
Yes. Hixon is beautiful and my favorite place … period.
chris malea hixon 2.jpg
Myself, Chris, Malea. I’m the tall one. Malea is squinting because she should have on sunglasses. And Chris is the one who looks like she’s about to make the jump to light speed. I love those sunglasses on her!


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