Idle Hands

February 16, 2009

This has been my project for the last few weeks. I’ve been working on some curtains for a coworker at the sewing machine which has NOT been fun. The color is ugly and the design is un-interesting. So that hasn’t been very inspiring. And most of my non-sewing machine time has been occupied with trying to get my new computer up to speed – also not an easy or delightful process. So when I really want to chill out, this is what I turn to. Unfortunately I don’t have strong enough light at the sofa to do it productively except in daylight … and I’m at work for most of daylight. Nevertheless it gets a little morning time every day and the weekends are especially satisfying. This is the most quilting I’ve done in years. Normally I either make baby quilts and dont’ quilt them or I set up full size quilts for myself and end up dropping them on the bed with the basting stitches still in. Its the case at this very moment. In fact, with quilts like that I usually don’t bother to finish quilting them until I have a replacement pieced and layerd and partially quilted itself. Ah well. Maybe this is a sign of improvement. Its certainly been relaxing. And it looks so ladylike doesn’t it?


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