Mind Officially Blown

February 10, 2009

coraline 2.jpg
So … I’ve been seeing all the hype for Coraline and I noticed that it got excellent reviews from some good people but … I wasn’t all that much in the mood for TimBurtonesque dark drama. It might have something to do with being very tired of that guy who does the voice for half of all previews these days (unofficial survey). I wasn’t that excited, that is, until I saw this! I was aware the film was entirely analogue (as in no convenient computer blurring from one pose to another and no digital backgrounds etc) and thought this was impressive but … Aside from building every set and a cast of thousands by hand and then manipulating them into every individual shot, they also have this citation in the end credits: Althea Crome – Knitter. The tiny sweaters worn by Coraline aren’t molded out of clay, or whatever substance the rest of it is, they are knitted. Check out the knitters site where she showcases many of her designs.
Go there and marvel over them!
For those interested in getting as obsessive as I am about the idea of claymation – here’s an article about how they constructed Coraline.


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