Something new every day

February 9, 2009

So on Saturday I initiated a study of trees. I just don’t have enough in my life right now. But seriously, I want to know a little more of what I’m talking about when people ask me about the trees we use in our buildings. And for all the time I spend wandering around Hixon forest … I’m not seeing the trees for the forest right now. So I signed up for a class on Winter Tree Identification at the local tech college. It was undeniably fun to be in a class again and made me realize how long its been since I took notes on anything. I tried to augment my text with as many sketches as possible. Then that night I amused myself by filling them out in watercolor. The colors aren’t all that accurate – I had made notes of them from the photos and samples in the class but the words “orangey red brown” aren’t capable of making an accurate translation from a real object to a painting without a better memory than mine powering them. I think it may prove an incentive to take my watercolors out to the woods this spring though – as soon as there’s some dry ground to sit on. Today is obviously not that day as it is both snowy and RAINING. Disgusting behavior for February but … there’s nothing to be done about it. Except bury myself in the library and look at nature in books instead of in real life for another few months. Until it warms up a bit more than this I’m going to be viewing the woods from a brisk metabolizing stride.
tree clas scans.jpg


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