Projects I haven’t been recording

February 5, 2009

I realized when I uploaded my camera pics that I don’t have any pictures of this since before it was pieced. This one was taken a week ago in the morning before work. However, I’ll add them when I’m further along in the quilting process I suppose and for the moment this gives an idea of what’s going on. Also of my living room’s level of tidiness. The TV is showing a still from Sports Night which I watched in serial while machine piecing this quilt. I should really have put it off until a more leisurely time but I had a brain wave and decided to start cutting it on a Wednesday night when I had company coming Saturday morning. Since I suffer from ocd, I had to lay out the fabric on the floor exactly as it had been cut – it couldn’t be stacked up and tidied away. So I then had a marathon session with my sewing machine and got *almost* all the way done with the top before Chris and Malea arrived. The remaining section was small enough (just five rows) that it could be tucked out of the way and the furniture replaced with a minimum of fuss. Although it did get kicked out of place several times during the weekend. I just don’t have that much floor space.
This pattern is a slightly modified version of what I came up with for little (insert unnamed baby Gundersen’s future name here). The first one was done in mostly yellows with a bit of green and pink thrown in to hedge my bets. Its a boy, in fact, but I’m sure Roald and Amelia aren’t the sort of parents to freak out if their son has a baby quilt with a few pink flowers thrown into the mix. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph it because I had lent my camera to them to document the first few days with the baby. I’ll have to borrow the quilt back and document it. If not, I’ll have a record of the pattern in this one which is destined to stay mine and be displayed prominently on my sofa at all times. They are the same outside dimensions but that one was done in 3 inch squares and this one is in 2 inch squares (arranged in 5 by 5 blocks). I’d actually like it to be bigger – more like size it appears to be before its pieced – but this is the number of fat quarters in the right colors that I had at the time … and I was too impatient to wait for a chance to get back to the fabric store.


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