February 2, 2009

How can you tell if I’m going to like a book without even cracking it open. Well, to be honest, most of the books published in that new paperback cover that’s sort of matte/lustre always have a good shot. But another warning sign is if the premise of the book requires all the main characters to keep coming up with and using thirteen letter words. Malea came to visit this weekend and left with me with the first two* of the Midnighters books by Scott Westerfeld. Its a very engaging ya sci fi series set in Oklahoma, of all places. I haven’t run across too many books of any genre set in Oklahoma, let alone YA science fiction. In any case the premise involves a town where people born at the exact moment of midnight are able to experience an extra hour (held at midnight) where they interact with ‘darklings’, ancient predators that hate and try to kill them. The darklings are averse to anything modern (metal alloys, technology, the english language, etc) and the number 13. So the Midnighters fight them off with found objects like aluminized trash can lids that they give names like “purposelessly hyperinflated individuality” which is a triple tridacalogism yielding extra power. I laughed out loud a lot while reading it.
*not very nice to give them to me before I could have ALL THREE!. The library’s copy is checked out right now.


One Response to “Tridecalogisms”

  1. mlj Says:

    I finished it last night, so you can stop whining. Of course now I actually have to get it in the mail. . .

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