Wooden Architecture of Russia

November 12, 2008

For no other reason than because its really damn cool I’m posting these scans from a book called The wooden Architecture of Russia. Roald asked me to crib them from a library book for his “inspiration” file before they were due back at the library and I decided that I find them inspirational too.
wooden arch of russia 3.jpg
This kind of pen and ink rendering is one of those things I half wishI had been trained to do because its so stunning. But I am actually too lazy to make myself learn or even attempt. Never the less, if it weren’t for the pixelation inherent in this type of book’s printing I would be blowing it up and mounting it on my wall.
wooden arch of russia 1 .jpg
And this is just amazing. This is carving in the END GRAIN of the logs. You couldn’t even do that with a laser cutter today. It just blows my mind. And its beautiful. So… look and admire.


One Response to “Wooden Architecture of Russia”

  1. mlj Says:

    you should really consider posting something new! Don’t get me wrong- this is beautiful work – but you can’t spend ALL of your free time over the sewing machine!!!!

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