The Sewing Bender Continues

November 11, 2008

And only one short week after going on my fabric bender and cutting six yards of brown upholstery fabric at Hancock, I have a finished project and a whole new lease on my little sofa. I’m thrilled by the power of the sewing machine and I think this may mark the start of a whole little sewing jag for the next few months. My eyes are spinning like pinwheels with new project ideas. I think all this post-grad-school free time is going to my head.
The unassuming little cushions are a whole nother deal. The stripy one (which ended up pleasing me more) was reletively simple to construct. The only trick was being careful to line up the stripes perfectly at the seam. Mismatched stripes at a seam is a major pet peeve. But the flowered print was a much more complicated affair. Before recovering, it had been much my favorite of the two throw pillows that I picked up for a dollar each at a yard sale four years ago. I got them because pillow forms usually cost more than fifteen so they were a steal and although the patterns were ugly I planned to re-cover them immediately. However, when I got them home, they looked ok with the little red sofa – not great, and certainly not my style, but not atrocious. And I wasn’t on a sewing jag then so … I left them. And left them. And forgot that I’d ever had a big problem with them. So anyway, I never got around to re-covering them. The one in question was more squishy and comfortable and had a nicer cover to begin with. But when I decided to re-cover it became a problem because the cover it had, was a piped border that would show under a new cover. So I took it off. And found that there was no pillow form underneath – just cotton/poly stuffing. OK. In the end I got out my large but ever diminishing bolt of white muslin and made a new form for the pillow and then proceeded to make a very overly complex little cover for it in the most inconvenient manner conceivable. The minute I finished, I thought of a better way to have constructed it. And it has a very badly set zipper in the bottom. But … all of this is by the way because for the first time ever I have a sofa and coordinated pillows (practically a whole living room set) of my own choosing. Its a heady feeling. I’m pretty jazzed about the whole process.
The green fabric is a piece of flannel I found in the sale corner of my new favorite fabric store – languishing unappreciated. I got two yards because I liked the color and it was so cheap. Now my plan is to make it the backing for a lap quilt for the living room. And at 40% off 7.00 a yard I’m tempted to go back and get the whole bolt. I really do like the color.


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