Yes. We Did.

November 5, 2008

election night copy.jpg
I may not have been that active in this election cycle (compared with countless others) but I certainly followed it with interest. My newfound obsession with the New York Times online has been fed with lots of political news. And of course I take an interest in what ever KJ is interested in. So I did a decent share of volunteering for Obama this last week. I figure that yesterday I waved at several hundred cars while bouncing up and down and cheering with a sign during rush hour. I know from my tally marks that I knocked on more than 250 doors and spoke with more than 70 people yesterday reminding them to vote and leaving “lit” with information about how to register, voting hours and specific poling places. Lots of people did more and I’m grateful to them. Because it actually worked. I think that as enthusiastic as I have been at various points during this election cycle I never really let myself believe that it could happen. Whether it would be electronic voting machines acting oddly in Ohio, people kept away from the polls in Florida or just the general cussedness of living in a country that seems to fundamentally disagree with everything I see as right I was just so scared that it would work out like the last two. In 2000 I was disappointed. In 2004 I was devastated. But … there is still hope. Hope works. People who care (in both parties) believed in the system and went out yesterday and voiced their opinion in record numbers. I really mean it that I think we should get out every vote. Even the ones I don’t agree with. If everyone participates in the process and pays some attention to the options we’re going to get better candidates from both sides … and a better government. So when they called California for Obama on pbs I started to cry. Its been such a long road. Now we just have to hope that what happens next is all for the good.


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