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The Fairy Tale of Modernism

September 15, 2008

Here’s another nugget from Ann Cline:
“Until Humpty-Dumpty falls from a wall of concrete – not of brick or stone – there can be no dependable clientele for modern architecture. Until Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother lives in a cottage modled after the Barcelona Pavillion, the appeal of childhood literature will instead sustain a domestic market for pitched roofs and mullioned windows.”
How about that for an idea? There are so many delightful children’s books coming out lately. Illustration has been taken up several complete levels. What about a new series of fairy tales set amidst a landscape of international modernism. We could change the whole world of residential design in particular – in one short generation. I think the AIA should fund it!
humpty dumpty.jpg
Cline, Ann. A Hut of One’s Own. p. 92


version 2.0

September 11, 2008

Not really an iteration at all. This is a new line. Now I know I can make a creditable looking purse from a pattern I’m trying my hand at duplicating. This is a clone of my oft-toted carry all purse. The fact that they are both white on white does not reflect my new goal of breaking the after labor day fashion rule but is the more practical result of my having a huge bolt of white cotton cloth at home, purchased for a long forgotten sewing scheme or mom’s or mine and never used. And as I regard all of these in the nature of exercises not finished projects (which allows for a lot more bravery and daring in the freehand cutting and ripping of seams department) they don’t need to look any particular way. But on the other hand as the collection expands its going to be very architect-y to have it entirely devoid of color.
purse 2.1.jpg
purse 2.2.jpg

Nothing Sews like a Bernina!

September 9, 2008

I’ve been communing with my mom’s venerable bernina sewing machine. I’ve been talking for years about figuring out how to re-create my favorite and worn literally to shreds old day pack from college. This might not look much like its on the road to that but many of the construction principles are similar. For example this is the first time I’ve ever used the zipper foot on the sewing machine – something both projects require. I’m even adding to my gadget collection – I have a “piping foot” on order from the local (fabulous) quilting store. So I’m off like a shot into the world of sewing again. Updates will follow.
purse 1.1.jpg
purse 1.2.jpg