Should I be picking lottery numbers now?

August 14, 2008

Or maybe I just have good taste. In any case I’m pleased on a number of levels to announce to the world (read anyone who checks this blog and didn’t already know from other sources) that my favorite poet has just been made poet laureate. Kay Ryan who I discovered during my Biloxi-Bathroom-Poetry period was just announced as our new honoree. This illustrious and duty-less post was previously held by Robert Frost, among others. Needless to say I’m thrilled she’s getting the recognition. And also I’m pretty stoked that I found her on my own before she made it big so to speak. On the other hand I think there is little danger that the fame will go to her head and ruin her for good writing. But there … I’m still going to claim that I called it and do a little victory dance.


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