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Where has Waldo been?

July 31, 2008

Several factors have contributed to the fact that I have completely neglected my blog for months (nearly six). First there was the pesky little matter of writing my masters thesis and taking care of all the various tasks associated with that, including but not limited to: getting through my childish Urban Theory requirement, teaching a class of delightfully squirrelly honors freshmen, hanging out with my soon to be scattered friends and figuring out what the hell I was going to do with myself once I graduated. All of which is now in the past. Then I passed the barrier of graduation and entered a period of alternating lethargy and panic while I made the fateful decision about my future and then implemented it and also visited home and Roshni in Boston by way of a celebration. And most recently I’ve been diving headfirst into my new job.
If you’d asked me six months ago what I was doing with myself after graduation I would have told you unblinkingly that I was heading back to the Gulf Coast to work in Biloxi for a year or two before writing my Fulbright application to study flood control issues and environmentalist architecture in the Netherlands. If you’d asked me three months ago I’d have said that I really hoped to get a job in Biloxi but … who knew. And now … I’m certainly no where near Biloxi. I have, in fact, returned to my native Wisconsin, to finally get some experience of living here, one might say. That’s not to say that the deep south isn’t still in my future but … I’m settled here for the moment. Here in La Crosse. I’m working in Hippy Dippy heaven for Whole Trees Architecture and Construction where the office is a green roofed straw bale shack with two tiny PV panels for power. Of course, there is still wireless internet for my laptop. Even the new back-to-the-land movement can’t survive without their Wi-Fi. But … its great. I’m doing everything from autoCAD (designing, not just redlines) to grant applications to answering emails.
Time’s been flying. I’ve worked three weekends out of six weeks of work now and there’s never a shortage of things to do. At home I’ve been actively nesting – getting things arranged and putting up pictures on the walls. Also I got out my violin again. That was one of the worst things I did in Grad School – stop playing. So I’m re acquainting myself with the Suzuki repertoire again. And, naturally I’m no stranger to the farmers market, grocery coop and library. As far as social life goes … I’m working on that. For the moment, that’s what cell phones are for. Anyway, despite the handicap of not affording internet for my apartment and feeling rather guilty about using work time for play I’m going to try to re-activate the blog. For anyone who was tapping their toes for it to return … hi there. I’m back.