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Elevated Housing

February 25, 2008

Continuing quest to figure out how to do it right in Biloxi … Last week I gathered these images of elevated housing in other parts of the world. A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words but hopefully these will also be as rich in ideas.
Traditional Thai Elevated Housing
week 4 boards-1 copy.jpg

Vernacular Elevated Housing (mostly south east asia)

week 4 boards-2 copy.jpg

Typical Elevated Beach / Resort Housing

week 4 boards-3 copy.jpg

Biloxi Elevated Single Family Housing (since the storm)

week 4 boards-4 copy.jpg


Did you get your FEMA Check?

February 7, 2008

Last week I tossed together a visual run down of the FEMA flood insurance program requirements for elevated housing on the gulf coast. Its a fun read – nothing like government documents for a little lighthearted entertainment. Just thought I’d share with the class.
week 2 boards-2.jpg
week 2 boards-3.jpg

Eileen Gray – still cool.

February 5, 2008

Knocking together some little elevation studies for my site I was interested and a bit appalled to note how Corbusian the elevated floor plate looks next to the existing vernacular of Biloxi. Deep breath. I need to remind myself that I don’t hate modernism. So … here’s a little visual tribute to Eileen Gray again. I love her stuff. I can deal with this design condition without doing sterile white boxes or cutsie cottages on stilts.
Gray was a furniture designer before she was an architect and she kept designing all types of household items her whole life. Not only did she draw these pieces up but many of them she manufactured herself in her Paris workshop.
Mindfull of the lessons of de Stijl, she often drew folded out elevations of each room to really get a sense of the interior space rather than just focusing on facades and floor plans to create form. Like Loos, she was interested in the experience of being inside a space and really focused on materiality to produce her desired effects.