Week the Fifth

October 4, 2007

Holy Crap! Here it is week five and I have yet again done not a whole lot other than what I produced this very morning. It was a pretty functional work day. I overhauled my table of contents and then expanded it into notes. Rewrote the case study section into a more organized little history. Wrote a new preface pertaining to my experience on IHP. The idea “if you don’t have time to bake bread you don’t have time to change the world” rolling into the importance of the domestic in architectural design. So … where am I? I feel actually pretty decent about where the straight up research component is going. The next step is program / site or site / program. Ozayr is pushing it and I know its important. So it lacks only a decision. I know I was talking about Northeast Minneapolis. But sitting in class today and hearing Sam talk about how much information we have about Biloxi (and acknowledging how rich my own knowledge of the place is. I just don’t know. So … I need to talk to James about this. And bounce it off the home front. Ozayr says full steam ahead but I’m worried. I don’t want to be a “Biloxi thesis” but on the other hand this might be my chance to do that multifamily housing project that we started to do and got cut off at the knees when we rolled into mixed use and single family. So … I guess it needs some mulling. Anyway, here’s what I gave Ozayr today … Download file


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