Course Correction

September 13, 2007

Its interesting to me that from the time I rolled into school today around nine until now (at eight in the evening) with the exception of attending Robert’s class from 12:45 to 2:00 has been spent on thesis today. And yet I’ve accomplished nothing concrete. The morning was devoted to catching up my bibliography to my notes – a penance to pay for my dilatory behavior over the last few weeks of not keeping it up to date. Then I went to Wilson and picked up some books. Then I had a meeting with Ozayr and the Thesis-ettes. And that lasted until 5:20, time to go to the thesis meeting. Oh the waste of a day. However it has been useful in pointing out to me (at several intervals) that I’m on the wrong track. That’s ok. I’m not going to panic – just need to reassess and refocus.
Fundamentally here’s the problem. I still agree with the “thesis statement? but more and more I’m finding that the waste angle isn’t taking me where I want to go. The questions then are two (and, to quote Never Cry Wolf, the possibilities are many). Where do I want my thesis to go? And … What angle should I pursue next to get me there? I’m still sure it has to be about housing. Said housing must be small, affordable, efficient, sustainable and utilitarian. I’ve given waste management the forefront but I had some more heavily economic issues going in mid August. They never made it as far as the blog but I still have my notes. Perhaps that’s the next angle. It can tie in nicely with prepping for the Small is Beautiful proposal for Modern. Well … “only a pen can penetrate. I have one here. Lets go.?


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